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Bentara Bali Exhibition: Local Knowledge

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bentara bali exhibition, local knowledge. bali language and arts tradition repositioningBali Cultural Herald (Bentara Budaya Bali/BBB) held an art exhibition entitled Local Knowledge (Bali Language and Arts Tradition Repositioning #2). The exhibition was openedSaturday (24/9) at the BBB by the Consulate of Italy, Pino Giuseppe Confessa, and lasted until October 4th.

The artists involved in this exhibition started from the tradition of sculpture, proceeds by self-taught, from childhood to learn to carve or learn to create sculpture, drawing a puppet in ‘nyantrik’ from their predecessors. They are not just repeating the collectively inherited art traditions.

The exhibition was curated by I Wayan Seriyoga Parta, featuring the visual artist Ketut Muja (sculpture), IB Alit (sculpture and painting), Made Sukanta Wahyu (statue), I Made Sama (statue), I Nyoman Mandra (painting), Ida Bagus Putu Gede Sutama (sculpture), Dewa Putu Kantor (painting), I Wayan Sadha (caricature), I Ketut Santosa (Dragon Sepaha glass painting), and Dewa Ngurah (images of prasi Sidemen).

Creativity of the artists are based on the development of skill organising ability to process the material, which in terms of the neurotic is referred to as motoric memory. This tendency is different from cognitive-based knowledge, proved to be focused more on the theories discovering.

Long struggle with technical stuff as well as a variety of materials, gave them a lot of experience and lead to a deep appreciation of the subject of material processing as a medium of artistic expression. This suggests that the artists were able to self-taught creativity may transcend collective unconscious in the routine of traditional art. They consciously make innovations of sculpture language in the collective realm.

However, their works were intrepeted more as a result of material culture (cultural artifacts) in the scope of anthropology and ethnography. Their works tend to be regarded as not a work of art in the perception of modern art. On the other hand, in the spirit of avantgarde, modern art wants the sculpture art to have its own space with intrinsic breakthroughs and original aesthetic achievement.

"The series of activities is the BBB’s effort to present a variety of cultural arts events to the general audience, so it would be appreciated and meaningful to the development of art itself and the society in general," said Juwitta Lasut, cultural workers in BBB.

The exhibition had been studied through a discussion in Sunday (25/9) at 19.00 Wita in the same place. The discussion was attended I Wayan Seriyoga Parta other exhibitors and artists as speakers, aimed at assessing the position of art that is close to the tradition (Bali) related constellation of contemporary art discourse.


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