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Maya Ubud Presents Painting Exhibitions

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maya ubud art painting exhibitionMaya Ubud Resort & Spa planned to organizing a painting exhibition from three famous artists, Ardha P Koto, Tjok Mas Astiti, and Agnes Yulinawati, within the complex of the tourist accommodation, throughout December 2011.

"Within next month they will display their latest artworks in the painting exhibition entitled 'Pesona Warna Tiga Wanita Perupa'", said Julita Chandra, Marketing Communications Manager Maya Ubud Resort & Spa, during her press publication to ANTARA news in Denpasar.

She also explained that Ardha Prihandono Koto had joined many painting exhibitions in some city in Indonesia and other countries since 1974.

In the process of making the artworks, Ardha had done a lot of experiments and pour her thoughts into paintings through a creative manner. Ardha, once a lecturer in Faculty of Art and Design in ITB, is known as a painter who often held a live painting demonstration and also known for the poetic words used in her painting's titles. She actively teach and provide consultations to young painters and housewives who likes to paint.

Tjokorda Istri Mas Astiti is from Payangan, Gianyar, and still an active teacher in ISI Denpasar. Tjok Mas started paint and joined many exhibitions since 1965 di Denpasar, Yogyakarta, Bandung, Jakarta, Jerman, London and Australia.

Within her artworks, Tjok Mas highlights the live and feelings of women, especially Balinese ones, in the point of affection and resposibility not only towards the children, but also related to other roles in their life such as dancing, teaching, and their role as a wife and a mother.

While Agnes Yulinawati were introduced to magnificent Japanese art in 1980-1981 during Indonesia-Japan student exchange and graduated from Udayana University in 1983. Agnes joined an exhibition for the first time in 1977, entitled 'Pameran Pelukis-Pelukis Muda Indonesia' in Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta.

Since then, Agnes held exhibitions for her artworks in various cities in Indonesia and Japan. Now as a mature senior painter, her works transformed from detailed and precised paintings to and artwork which expresses the artists' soul and take our mind to the past.

The exhibition is held in the lobby of Maya Ubud Resort & Spa throughout December 2011.

Source: bali.antaranews.com


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