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In addition to the dance off, since around 1960 the creators of the dance in Bali also has produced a number of Dramatic Arts Dance (Ballet). Ballet is essentially the result of the creativity of modern artists through re-processing elements of art and cultural forms that already exist. As is the case in Java where the ballet was formed by elements of the Wayang Wayang Wong and skin, in Balinese dance-drama in shape by combining elements of Puppets, Pegambuhan, pelegongan and Kekebyaran. Experts and observers agree that the arts in Bali was the first choreographer I Wayan Beratha, dance and percussion teacher at the Conservatory Karawitan (Kokar) in Denpasar Bali (later changed ISMS and is now the SMK Negeri 3 Stanger).

The growth of ballet in Bali, featuring the work begins with the play of Balinese folklore - Jayaprana. Several years later, came the ballet-ballet that melakonkan chronicle / history of Bali, as well as folktales from the outside but was well known among the people of Bali. The birth of modern dance perform in a play or dramatari received a warm welcome among the general public. This fact is encouraging, I Wayan Beratha to create another ballet.

The second ballet was created Ramayana which was first staged in 1965 on the anniversary of V Kokar to Bali in Denpasar. In both this ballet (Jayaprana and Ramayana), I Wayan Beratha still remain consistent with the original concept, which presents a story or a story through dance and musical. Although Antawacana or narrative ballet was introduced into the second, the role of narrative is limited to give emphasis to the dramatic scenes that happen on stage. Delivered by a puppeteer, from offstage, Antawacana still be supporting a less dominant. Antawacana domination in Bali starting to look less ballet since mid 1970.

In 1978, organizers Festival Bali Gang Kebyar se requires that each district a representative from Bali to show a ballet is no longer than 60 minutes. When it was born eight short ballet with the main actors between 10 to 15 dancers. What is interesting is that in all of ballet that is displayed on this festival mastermind appears dominant role, even more than what happens at earlier times.

Based on the number of dancers, the ballet is in Bali would be divided into two types, namely a small ballet (usually performed by dancers from 10 to 25 people, as happened between 1960 to 1970) and ballet colossal or large (generally involve between 50 to 150 dancers, as happened in the ballet-ballet that featured in the arena PKB). By source lakonnya, ballet can be split into three Bali group of Ramayana, Mahabharata, Babad and folklore.

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