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Cultural Park or Werdhi Culture is central to the preservation, enhancement and development of Balinese art and culture. The park is located in downtown Denpasar, about 10 minutes from the Field Puputan. Werdhi Culture Cultural Park or more popularly called the Art Centre initiated by prof. DR. Ida Bagus Mantra, who was then Director General of Culture. Cultural Park was inaugurated and opened to the public in 1973 with a form of traditional Balinese architecture building. This area serves as a center of Balinese culture and art that is used by artists to showcase their work.

Screening of the entire edifice of Mount Mandara Giri told the sea of milk or in the ocean Manthana, which tells of the Gods and the Daitya search. Tirtha Amertha the water of eternal life with detours Mount Mandara in the ocean of milk or Ksirarnawa. Mandara Giri disputed by a named Nala Bedawang Akupa ridden a dragon is a dragon Basuki. Lord Shiva sat at the top of the mountain with the intention that the mountain is not to wobble and fall. The gods held near the tail of the dragon while the dragon's head holding daitya. Once the mountain is played with a very strong then finally in a row out of Ardha Candra (Crescent), Dewi Dewi Sri and Laksmi, Horse Uncaisrawah (flying horse), Kastuba Mani (happy tree), Dewi Danu Antari bring Tirtha Amertha. The meaning of this story is to work hard and never give up we will get results in line with what we expect.

Some of the buildings contained in this cultural park is open Ardha Candra stage that can accommodate 6,000 spectators and is often used where the colossal art performances. Ksirarnawa covered stage and building a permanent exhibition Mandara Giri. In addition there is also Wantilan and some other small stage. On a typical day visitors who come relatively quiet and noisy only when there is an exhibition of paintings, exhibition of dance or drama, art and other cultural performances. Activities are held at the Cultural Park is a regular or routine every year the Bali Arts Festival (PKB), which held its opening day parade at the Cultural Arts, followed by representatives from each county and city governments all over Bali, there are even some arts groups from abroad such as Japan, Korea, India, and others who come enliven. Art party will be visited by thousands of people and tourists as well as her performance was carried out from morning till night. Usually the Bali Arts Festival was opened by the President of the Republic of Indonesia and held in June and July.

Sources: Department of Culture of Denpasar / / June 1, 2012

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