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Bali Shell MuseumSince childhood Mr. Stephen (the owner) has been interesting in sea shells, and during those years he started collecting them. After getting his university degree on architecture, he decided to begin his journey. Now, he is traveling to find shells and to sell them, joining also lot of exhibitions all over the world, Germany, France, USA, Singapore, Malaysia and more. Bali Shell Museum is his dream that finally comes true. The museum will be also affiliated with other shells museums in Thailand, Japan, and USA.

We can see the fossil shells which resemble squid. Orthoceras fossil shells called an estimated 395 million years old. There are also fossil shells similar to flowering plants called crinoids, which was about 440 million years. In addition there is the fossil shells which claimed the largest in Asia, called Crinions. This fossil is 1.4 meters in diameter with a weight of 170 pounds.

On the third floor of the museum, visitors can see a very shiny shells called Cypraea Moneta. Shells of this type in ancient times had to function as legal tender. According to the manager, the museum was built at a cost of Rp 6 billion this store about 10 thousand species of mussels was 100 to 500 million years. While the number of mussel species in the world reached 200 thousand more.

We can go here as an alternative tourism object in BALI.

KUTA 80361 - BALI
t. +62 361 752932; f. +62 361 752881

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