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Pujungan Waterfall

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Tabanan has a fairly diverse tourism potential. Starting from nature to coastal mountains. One of nature very interesting mountain is a waterfall located in the Village Pujungan, District Pupuan. This attraction is about 47.50 km from the heart of Tabanan town or 58 km from Denpasar City. On the way to this attraction, visitors will be presented with the beauty of nature is still beautiful. Coffee, cocoa and clove farmers are incredibly fascinating. Especially when the commodities are being fruitful and flowering. Activities of farmers is a very interesting and unique, because everything is still done traditionally.

In addition to the attractions of natural scenery Pujungan beautiful waterfalls, such as lodging and restaurant accommodations are also available. Interestingly, in the restaurant guests can enjoy the local farmers' real coffee. With a cup of hot coffee, visitors will be able to enjoy the warm atmosphere in the middle of nature is cool.

Enter any area attraction remains the natural atmosphere, cool and healthy. These conditions make tourists feel welcome to linger on this one attraction. Waterfall at a height of 25 meters is very fascinating indeed any visitor, especially for tourists who love the natural attractions of the mountains. The rush of mountain water falls hit rock underneath to make every traveler spellbound. View of a very natural way, visitors will be highly praised the greatness of God.

If you happen to have the program to the streets of Bali, you devote some time to come and enjoy the natural attractions waterfall located in the Village Pujungan, Pupuan.


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