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Puri Agung is located in downtown Karangasem Amlapura - the district capital - located about 65 km from Denpasar City, 12 km from the tourist area of Candidasa, 5 miles to Park End Soekasada, and about 6 miles to the park attractions Tirtagangga. Built in the 19th century by Anak Agung Gede M Jelantik, King Karangasem I. Besides Puri Agung, there are 2 (two) others in the area of the royal castle which has close links with Puri Agung Gede and Puri Puri is Kertasura. The main attraction of Puri Agung is the architectural grandeur of the building which is a blend of Balinese architecture, China, and Europe.

Puri Agung consists of 3 (three) parts of the area. The front or entrance called "bencingah", a place where traditional art performances are held, while on the right side and left-designated as a place to receive guests. The middle section is called "middle jaba" is used as a garden, which in this place there are 2 pieces of lychee trees are very old. And the inner area of the main building serves as a place called "maskerdam" who adapted the name of the city of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, since construction is done when the King of Karangasem establish friendly relations with the Dutch royal government. The building was used as the king's palace. Other buildings in the back maskerdam called "london" is used as the residence of the royal family. Thus naming is based on the City of London in England adjacent to the City of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, the names and even then adapted into the castle buildings.

In front of the palace there Maskerdam "Bale Pemandesan" which serves as a tooth or cutting ceremony as well as a temporary storage bodies of the family castle until the time the ceremony pelebon (= cremation) dilaksanakan.Di near this building overlooking the pool there is a large statue of a winged lion. In front there Pemandesan Bale "Bale Pawedaan" or "Bale Lunjuk" as the place where the priests conduct worship and praying when the religious ceremony took place. There are also "Bale Kambang" or Gili in the middle of the pool that serves as a meeting place or a large family used the castle as well as a gym dancing and other art.

Nowadays the castle is open to all visitors and for your entrance fee just imposed a voluntary donation, you will be free to walk around and have fun in the splendor of the castle puri.Terdapat three. The eldest, Puri Gede located in an area of two hectares and is surrounded by impressive red brick wall. In this site there is a large garden, a reminder of past glory. There are other pages within the page, each divided by a spectacular gates, each symbolizing heaven, earth and hell. Some pages open to the public, where the former king will dance and music performances manyajikan. In the next place, the Puri Kangin, which can also be accessed through the Puri Gede. Across the street is the Puri Agung, the castle is the most widely used today.

Source: from various sources / / May 29, 2012

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