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At the beginning of the emergence, around the end of 1995, SID influenced musical styles from foreign bands like Green Day and NOFX. Later, inspired musical genre shift SID Punk 'n Roll band à la Supersuckers, Living End and Social Distortion.

Superman Is Dead fans are called the Outsiders for men and Lady Rose for a female.


Superman Is Dead are usually called SID formed in 1995. The origin of SID (Superman Is Dead) led by members of the heavy metal band called Ari Astina thunder often called Jerinx who want to form a new band. And the drummer for new wave punk band diamond clash Sartika Budi who used to be called Bobby Kool who want to become a guitarist and vocalist.

Jerinx and Bobby met in Kuta Bali. The two men then agreed to form a band. At that time the bass was filled by additional bassist named Ajuzt. Their band initially brought the songs of Green Day.

Day in and day when the new personnel named Eka Eka Rock Arsana vocation. Eka become official as SID personnel. First name of his band is not Superman but Superman Is Dead Silver Gun. Then, as the name of Silver Gun Superman becomes less suitable bergantilah Superman Is Dead or SID. Superman Is Dead has a meaning that is the perfect man is a mere illusion and imagination of man that will never exist.


Kuta Rock City

Kuta Rock City officially released in March 2003 under the label Sony Music Indonesia. With its flagship singles is Punk Day and Kuta Rock City is thick with the influence of Green Day and NOFX directly comparable to the SID name bands rock.Selain some new songs, SID also added some old songs from their indie album but with the arrangement better and new. This debut album instantly catapulted SID SID name as the best newcomer band. Beside that, this is the first step in the major label SID causing some controversy among punk.

The Hangover Decade

Albums released in 2005 is a marker of SID 10 years standing. In the SID is still taking his second album as the album Punk track Kuta Rock City, The album was re-enter SID few old songs like Long Way to The Bar, TV Brain, Bad bad bad, and Beyond This Honesty.

Black Market Love

This third album seems more mature [citation needed], with lyrics that talked about the anger of nature, human greed, social and political circumstances. By incorporating the elements of musical instruments such as accordion, trumpet and keyboards, like the song Stepping Not Heroes and Hell. The album was released in 2006.

Angels & the Outsiders

The fourth album was released in 2009 on a major label is impressive that the adult SID. Still like the previous album, the lyrics still rely on social SID and resistance to penindasaan. Album this SID is still playing punk rock music with a touch of rock n 'roll. SID is reaping the success of the album. One is the SID had been invited to the Warped Tour Festival in the United States and conduct tours in several cities in the USA. SID is a success because the only band merupakansatu Indonesia and Asia's second band is called to the Warped Tour even though their album was not released in the USA.


Sony-BMG Music Entertainment Indonesia


  • Kuta Rock City (2003)
  • The Hangover Decade (2005)
  • Black Market Love (2006)
  • Angels & the Outsiders (2009)
  • I am the Son of Indonesia (Single) (2011)


Release Yourself


  • Case 15 (1997)
  • Superman Is Dead (albm) (1998/1999)
  • Bad Bad Bad (2002)




  • 100% Attitude (1999)
  • Artist: SID, Djihad, Commercial Suicide, etc.
  • No Place To Get Fun (2002)
  • Artist: SID, Rocket Rockers, Respect, Naon, etc.
  • New Generation Calling (2003)
  • Artist: SID, Rocket Rockers, Shaggy Dog, The Bahamas, etc.


Video Clips

  • 2002 "White Town" album "Bad Bad Bad" by Outsider Film Director
  • 2003 "Kuta Rock City" album "Kuta Rock City" by Rizal Mantovani Director
  • 2003 "Punk Day" album "Kuta Rock City" Director by Ridwan
  • 2004 "Bold Face" Album "The Hangover Decade" by Outsider Film Director
  • 2004 "Rock 'N Roll Band" Album "The Hangover Decade" by Outsider Film Director
  • 2004 "Disposable Lies" Album "The Hangover Decade" by the General Director of Production
  • 2006 'No Heroes' Album "Black Market Love" by Eric Est Movie Director
  • 2006 "Black Market Love" Album "Black Market Love" by Bob Calabrito Director
  • 2007 "Stepping Hell" album "Black Market Love" by director Eric Est. Movie
  • 2007 "Lady Rose" album "Black Market Love" by director Eric Est. Movie
  • 2007 "Goodbye Whiskey" Album "Black Market Love" by Outsider Film Director
  • 2008, Superman Is Dead Rock-A-Bali Australian Tour 2007, Outsider Production Inc, Format DVD, For Promotional Stuff Not for Sale
  • 2009, "Strong We Shining" Album "Angels and The Outsiders" by director Patrick Effendy
  • 2009: "If We're Together Featuring Shaggy Dog" Album "Angels and The Outsiders" by director Patrick Effendy
  • 2009, "Saint Of My Life" Album "Angels and The Outsiders", a music video footage from SID American Tour 2009


  • Superman Is Dead "Hot & Freaky People 2003" MTV Trax Magazine January 2003
  • June 2003 Superman Is Dead "MTV Exclusive Artist of the Month"
  • Double Platinum Sony Music for Kuta Rock City Album
  • 2003, the MTV Award "Most Favorite New Artist"
  • 2003, AMI Award "The Best New Artist"
  • 2004, SCTV Music Awards "The Most Famous Album nominee, Pop Rock Category" for Kuta Rock City Album
  • 2006, AMI Awards "The Best Rock Album nominee" for the Black Market Love Albums
  • 2006: "Superman Is Dead The Best Local Band" The Beat Awards.
  • 20 the best Indonesian Album 2006 for The Black Market Love Albums. Rolling Stones Magazine January 2007
  • 150 for the Best Indonesian Album Album Kuta Rock City. Rolling Stones Magazine, Special Collectors' Edition in December 2007.
  • 50 Things Hype Music Indonesian Industrial in 2008 for Superman Is Dead.
  • Trax Music & Attitude Magazine January 2008 Edition.

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