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Yamaha Motor Indonesia launched the Mio Fino 

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Yamaha motor indonesia on the 25th January 2012 launch their new products for motor matik in Indonesia. Yamaha introduces mio fino to media event in doing in two places in the territory of indonesia cihampelas walk bandung and discovery kuta bali, yamaha indonesia invited the national and local journalists to see directly and yamaha also provide an opportunity to try it out directly to journalists.


Bali a Shopper's Paradise

Jagat Bali News - Bussiness

Written by jagat Bali Author

Bali Shoping ParadiseGuideline for the casual holiday shopper and the "shop till you drop" hard liner.

Shopping is rarely a motivation to go anywhere that far away from home as Bali, unless you are doing it for business. However if you are visiting the island it can be great fun to see large ranges of fancy handicrafts and other unexpensive items that are produced locally on the island. It will keep you busy for days. 

Not everything sold here is originally Balinese in nature however, since the influences of foreign designers and companies that are producing in Bali are so strong, as you can see in textiles, ceramics, gift articles or furniture.

The first rule, "pay only attention if you are interested" is essential for your survival in the shopping jungle. Your first contact with the shopping world is most likely after your first breakfast the first morning after you leave your hotel for a orientation walk. If this happens to be in the Kuta area, be careful whom you pay attention to. There are hundreds of road sellers that are offering small goods like sun glasses or watches.


Fast Food Chain Johnny Rockets To Launch in Bali

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johny rockets to open in baliThe Sahid Group, through its subsidiary Riyanti Investama International, will be the Indonesian franchise owner of Johnny Rockets, which serves a menu including hamburgers, sandwiches, salads, sides and shakes. The plan is to open the first outlet at Kuta’s Beach Walk Center in April 2012.


Bali Farm Lacks Government Support

Jagat Bali News - Bussiness

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bali farming prospectThe investment climate in Bali is quite stretched compared to other regions. However, the tertiary sector investment, particularly the tourism sector is still the most popular, reaching even 82 percent, while agriculture is less than one percent. The fact is that investment in this sector is still wide open.


Lake Batur Should Be Saved From Chemical

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dead fish on polluted lake baturThe Bali administration has established a special team to save highly polluted Lake Batur. The high amount of the chemical substances has reportedly triggered an abnormal level of aquatic plant growth in the lake. The blooming plants in turn disrupt the balance of the lake’s ecosystem. Pollution might also be aggravated by rampant illegal mining nearby.


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