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Yamaha Mio Soul GT Launching

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Yamaha MIO GT Soul is the latest motorbike from Yamaha , the manufacturer of the motor with a tuning fork logo soul GT was officially introduced some time ago, the price mio soul GT Alone in bandrol approximately IDR 13.9 million, slightly more expensive than the price Yamaha Mio Fino J and which is also the latest matic motor scooters from Yamaha, what kind of advantages compared to the GT Soul Mio or Mio Fino J, and how it compares to the use of three or more fuel efficient which mio J by Soul Yamaha Fino GT or let us refer to any of the following article.

Specifications Yamaha Mio Soul Soul Mio GT GT is equipped with a 113 cc engine and 4-stroke technology, 2 valve, SOHC, and cursed the fan cooling system in combination with a continuously variable transmission (CVT) for power transfer This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it 7.75 rpm and peak torque rpm This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it 8.5, to the wheels.

By using Mio Soul Injection System GT using the latest technology to supply fuel JET-named Yamaha Fuel Injection Mixture (YMJET-FI). The system uses various sensors to the use of fuel the engine needs. Which serves to conserve fuel consumption, where this system according to the Yamaha, le BIH 30 percent efficient compared to previous models that still rely on the carburetor.

View of display Yamaha Mio Soul appear more macho GT which is better targeted to the intended segment, which is for men. In terms of dimensions no significant change in the appeal Mio Soul pedahulunya. Nonetheless, if viewed in terms of design, the GT Soul performing with a new design, inspired by a typical modern car body is muscular and curvy America and the sharp design lines. For the shell lights, used circular design with a tapered frame that makes her figure to be unique. To be modified to fit the projector lamp.

There are several new sections that were presented at the GT Soul with a plywood seat textured (orange peel) the driving seat and luggage rack more stable. It is also equipped with a water scoop at the back of leg room for air flow to cool the engine. Others are detailed 3D-hour chronograph on expensive and famous brands for men. There is also a square accentuation eight (octagonal bezel) to increase the effect of this macho GT Soul

Yamaha Mio Soul GT There are several color options for the GT Mio Soul, Fighting Red, Woman Blue, Green Lightning, Sirius Black, Lunar White, Deep Purple and Bronze Armor. Stripping game is also a minimalist motorcycle, valued fitted with a man who practically, Price GT Soul in bandrol about USD 13.9 million, how interested to have the latest Yamaha Mio Soul GT please go to the nearest Yamaha dealer in your city, to feel the sensation of driving a motor scooter matic mio soul 2012 GT is the latest


The Event

On 14th April In Kuta Central Parking, Yamaha Indonesia Launch their New Product "The Yamaha Mio Soul GT". There are many contests in this Event, such as :

  1. Body Builder Contest
  2. Reptile Contest
  3. Dance Competition
  4. "JET F1 MAN" Contest For Bali region

In that event to there are, many famous Indonesia group band :

  1. Kiss Band
  2. Izzy Rap Band
  3. And Many More

In this event too, Yamaha Bali convey the advantages of their new product , the product that can count on by Balinese people. The Yamaha New Product has a great performance and the main point is the economical value to Balinese people. And The new product launched with the new design that liked by the Balinese teenager.

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