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Leak is an ancient knowledge passed down by the ancestors of Hindu in Bali. In this day and age people are wondering what the leak really exists? What really leak it hurt? In general, it does not hurt the leak, the leak was a pretty good knowledge for those interested. Since the leak science also has its own ethics. It is not easy to learn the science of leak. It takes an excellent ability to learn science leak. In communities often labeled leak hurt even kill humans, but it is not like that. Science leak also similar to other science contained in ancient lontar Bali. First science studying the leak is not arbitrary, because the science is science enough leak secrets as a defense from enemy attack. Ancient Balinese who studies was the high-ranking king accompanied by his subordinates. The goal for the science of defense from enemy attack, especially from the outside. People who study the science of this pick quite a secret, because the science is indeed a secret leak. So the study is not arbitrary. But times have changed automatically science is also changed according to the era. But essentially the same in the application. A clear knowledge leak did not hurt. That hurt it witchcraft or nerangjana science, this science is negative, specifically to harm people because of a few things like revenge, envy, want superior, science is called pengiwa. Pengiwa Science is what many developing societies are often labeled as science leak. As said above leak exists in accordance with the level of knowledge, including the endih leak. Endih leak usually appear when they again exercise or other leak again frolic with either similar or opposite sex. The emergence endih it at night especially midnight. The day was not arbitrary given day people run to do science. Why place haunted? This is consistent with the science of the leak which should be studied in a quiet place, usually in a cemetery or in a quiet place. Endih can be physical or jnananya (soul) itself, because this knowledge can not be generalized to the study. For the recent study, it was his own tongue endih using spells or by means of. In carrying out this science takes a little ceremony. While that through jnananya (spirit), players use a soul or essence of life sciences leak. That looks like endih leak, and he dwelt in his house. That runs only the soul or suksma own. Forms of this leak endih diverse according to its level. There was a ball, chicken cage, hanging grip (ethics used). Science also holds ethics to be followed by its adherents. Endih leak is not the same as other light rays, if this leak endih usually depends on the beholder. If you've ever seen, endih running according to wind direction, this endih flicker unlike other lighting silence. The color is different, if it exceeds endih leak of one color and endih it runs while the colors and lighting are usually silent. Because this leak endih properties of electromagnetic waves have a magnetic power. Science leak did not hurt. People who happened to see unnecessary alarm. Be reasonable course. If the fear of seeing, say the name of the name of God.


Endih does not cause heat. And endih not be used for cooking because it is different. Endih leak is abstract, can not be touched. Leak Shoping in graves in essence, science is the science of spirituality leak that aims to seek enlightenment through sacred script. In the Balinese script no known leak. That there is “liya, aka” which means five characters (insert and remove the power of literacy in the body through certain procedures). Five characters are Si, Wa, Ya, Na, Ma.

- The Lord is reflected

- Wa is the saving grace

- Yes is the soul

- Na is the force that covers intelligence

- Ma is selfishness that shackles the soul

Strength of character is called penta gni (five fires). Man who studies spirituality anything, if he would have peaked emit light (aura). The light comes out through the five-door body senses the ears, eyes, mouth, crown, and genitals. In general, it's light out through the eyes and mouth. Therefore, when we see people in the grave or the place deserted, as if the fire burning hair person. In principle, the science does not leak learn how to hurt someone. Learned is how to get the sensation when meditating in the contemplation of these characters. When the sensation come, then that person can walk out of his body through ngelekas or ngerogo sukmo. Ngelekas word meaning inner kontaksi astra body that we can get out. This is also the reason people ngeleak. When preparing his inner puja called angeregep pengelekasan. At this point our spirits can walk in the light of the general form called endih. The ball of light darting quickly. Endih is part of the human astral body (the body is not limited by space and time) Here the perpetrator can enjoy the beauty of the night in the other inner dimension. Make no mistake, the world pengeleakan no code of ethics. Because not everyone can see endih. Also not carelessly venture out of the gross body when there is no immediate interest. Regulations are also present as are not allowed in or near the dead. People are just shopping ngeleak her in the grave (pemuwunan). If there are new bodies, members of the leak must come to the cemetery to give a prayer that the spirit may get a good fit karma. Here's the sound of prayer giving thanks to leak: ong, gni anglebur panca maha brahma Butha, anglukat sarining immediately. mulihankene kite ring Betara teachers, we tumitis human dadi mahatama. ong rang legitimate, Prete namah. Carrying coconut sprinkled as tirta ivory. Well, here there are different views for the layman. It is said that the leak to the grave takes the body, or improve knowledge. Why should it be in the graveyard? Understand leak is any status you became a man, the magic, scholar, rich, poor, will end up in the grave. The tradition of some people in India besides holiest no place in the cemetery. Why is that? This is where the spirits gather in the throes of spirit. In Bali sacred graves said, as they often appear creepy things. This is because we rarely open palm tatwaning ulun Setra.

So we do not know the actual grave is the best place to meditate and give thanks to prayer. The Buda harp, MPU Kuturan, Gajah Mada, Diah Nateng Dirah, MPU Bradah, all enlightened in the cemetery. In Javanese tradition is called penance. Leak also has limitations depending on the level of spiritual study. There are seven levels of leak. Leak barracks (brahma). Leak can only be issued a red light the fire. Leak month, pemamoran leak, leak rate, leak juice, cemeng Rangdu leak, leak siwa Klakah. Leak Klakah siwa is the highest. Because of the seventh cakranya off light in accordance with the will of his mind. Each level has a certain power. This is where the leak is often kecele adherents, when emotionally unstable. Science can blindly or boomerang for himself. This is what makes the destruction of college name. Just like guns, wearing dangerous one. Hence, emotional stability is very important, and here the teachers are very strict in giving lessons. During this leak blamed as the source of the fear and the source of the disease, or aji ugig for some people. Though there is a stream that is special to learn black magic called penestian. Science is designed how to make wretched, sick, with black inner strength. There is also the way is to lure other people's mistakes so emotional. After the emotion before she reacts. Emotion was used for penestian backlash. Doctrine penestian use spell-spell, such as aji gni salembang, dungkul aji, aji fallen, aji penangkeb, pengenduh aji, aji teranjana witchcraft. This is called pengiwa (left hand).

Why is the left hand, because each draws strength always include energy from body parts left. Pengiwa many use-rajah rajah (a mystical writings). Also good at making sick from a distance, and can not be guaranteed dirontgent in the lab. The most advanced is cetik (mystical poison). This stream is contrary to pengeleakan. If a war, this is the sound of mantras, ong siwa gandu angimpus leak, leak anundung sumedang siwa, I established immediate ong siwa gandu angimpus leak, siwa sumedang anundung leak, mapan aku mapawakan segara gni bla bla... Leak's science is still evolving as the beneficiary is still there, as the preservation of Hindu culture in Bali and if you want to see the leak came the day Kajeng ngendih Kliwon Enjitan in graves at midnight.

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