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Party verification team has been working hard on several stages of selection of 28 artists as Bali administratively and observations directly to the location of residence of artists concerned.

According to Chairman Listibya Wales, IGN Andayana Rai, who was also involved in the verification team, not easy to select the artists who deserve this honor. Almost every year there are always pros and cons to trigger negative public impression. That is why, in this year's selection process increasingly tightened. "To be an artist who is really entitled to have the copyrighted works of monumental art in the field of culture," he said.

It is said, selection is strictly an effort to anticipate the assessment process is likely to be considered as elements of 'proximity'. Clearly, the establishment of this award based on the purity of the copyrighted work and dedication and loyalty devotion as an artist.

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IGN Rai Andayana states, from 18 artists, one of which is I Gusti Ngurah Gede acceleration, artist art paintings (prints) are proposed and determined exclusively by Listibya Bali. "The reason, he has never been proposed by the District or the City. Honors Dharma Kusuma very worthy and appropriate for him because he did have its own characteristics in his creative work, "explains Rai Andayana.

Meanwhile, Head of Arts & Film Disbud Bali, Dra. Princess Ida Ayu Masyeni, M.Sc., said the handover of the Dharma Kusuma award in 2011 will take place on 14 August to coincide with the anniversary of Bali Provincial Government 2011.

The award recipients will get a plaque, badge studded with 24 carat gold and some cash. "All of it as a form of gratitude and well decorated from the government for dedication in preserving and developing the culture of Bali," he said. * TIN

Recipient Dharma Kusuma 2011

Agung Rai Ida Dwija Oka, Tabanan
(Dance and Hit)

I Nyoman Astita, Denpasar

I Made Ruda, Denpasar

Luh Menek, Buleleng

Nyoman Suweca, Buleleng
(Drama Gong)

Tjokorda Raka Kerthiyasa, Gianyar

Tjokorda Raka Tisnu, Gianyar

I Wayan Nartha, Gianyar

I Made Djimat, Gianyar

I Ketut Sudiasa, Badung
(Drama Gong)

11. I Gusti Ketut Mungkreg, Badung
(Drama Gong)

12. Ida Wayan Oka Granoka, Karangasem

13. I Ketut Ruma, Karangasem

I Nengah Selen, Jembrana

Ida Bagus Pudja, Klungkung
(Dance and Hit)

Ida Bagus Ngurah Tugur (late), Klungkung

I Wayan bayonet (late), Bangli

I Gusti Ngurah Gede acceleration, Denpasar
(Fine Art)

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