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tari bali performed in baoshan shanghai folk arts festivalStarted from October 15 to October 22, 2011, Folk Art Festival was held by one of the largest city in mainland China, Shanghai. The festival was participated not only by Chinese people, but also involve many kinds of art across the world. Therefore, the festival was entitled Shanghai Baoshan Folk Arts Festival.

Many countries participated in this year's Baoshan Festival, includes Brazil, Congo, Costa Rica, Spain, Hungary, Chez, Slovakia, Korea, Russia, Tibet, and Mongolia. Indonesia sent a team of 25 artists for the festival. In addition to music performance from traditional musicians, Bali dance is the 'main course' presented by Indonesia team. A new dance creation, Janger Jauk, succeed to amaze the audience. Live music performance accompanying the dance has a unique charm, attracting anyone attending the festival. The dance itself, was coreographed by Gus Eka.

Dra Ida Riyanti, as the leader of Indonesia team explained that for the event, Bali government acts as the fund provider. For that reason, Balinese dance and music set to be the main performance. Besides Jauk Dance, Indonesia team also performs some other dances, Oleh Tambulilingan, Trunajaya, Kebyar Duduk, and Legong Kraton.

The Shanghai Baoshan Folk Arts Festival also organize a parade in the city's main road, just like any similar festivals in other countries. What makes it unique, however, is that each team should hold a Workshop in schools and visiting local residential houses. The teams scheduled to perform in 12 different residential areas. While Indonesia team were to visit a highschool. The events were held not as competition, but to introduce the different cultures directly to the people.

Indonesia received the invitation to participate in the festival because Indonesia is registered as International Organization of Folk Art (IOV) member, with Dra. Ida Riyanti as the chairman in Indonesia. IOV is a group which mission is to conserve cultural values. IOV is a NGO, but they establish a consultative cooperation with UNESCO.

Baoshan is located in northern part of Shanghai, consist of land and sea area. The Baoshan Shanghai Folk Arts Festival is held once every two years, and 2011 was its seventh establishment. Indonesian team joined the festival for the first time in the year 2005.

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Photo courtesy: Ida Riyanti

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