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SMK Negeri 1 Tabanan

Jalan Diponegoro No. : 11 Tabanan - Bali ., Tabanan, Indonesia, 81151
(0361) 811 093
(0361) 811 093
Name SMK Negeri 1 Tabanan is the new name for the society, because previously only known named SMEA Negeri Tabanan . In 1962, to accommodate the SMEP graduate student (School of Economics First) located in Tabanan, Tabanan regency government initiated the establishment of SMEA (Upper Secondary School of Economics) and named SMEA Tabanan. Beginning of the use of school buildings located in Tabanan market (at present).Because the students quite a lot then SMK Negeri 1 Tabanan built a buildings that made ​​of bamboo (ward) as a place to learn. Tabanan SMEA initially only take care of two subjects, namely: majors Tata Books (forerunner of Accountancy) and the Department of Governance Commerce (majoring in
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