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Just next to the famous Kuta beach, a night club called the Double Six becomes more crowded late in the night. This venue is one of the most visited night clubs, and especially famous among foreign tourists. Being one of the most established night life venues with hundreds of international events they had, Double Six know exactly what it takes to get a party started.

Owned by I Made 'Kadek' Wiranatha, Bali entrepreneur extraordinaire, who owns and operates Air Paradise International, Gado-Gado, and Bounty Cruises, Double Six had humble beginnings in the mid-1980s when it first opened amidst paddy fields and music was provided by a simple cassette player driven by a generator set. Over the years, Double Six became the preferred place to dance until the early hours for Kuta's night owls and international jet-set.

Located on the beachside of the popular Blue Ocean Beach (Seminyak), Double Six is known as the best club in Bali. With international standard of 15,000 watt soundsystem, many international top DJs from all over the world like  DJ Sasha (UK), DJ Tiesto (NL), DJ Pete Tong (HK) and many others has rock the deck at Double Six Club, pumping around 1500 people everyday from 11 pm up until 6 am when the sun rise, and then go home crossing the beautiful morning beach.

Double Six has become a part of Bali's nightlife icon for almost 24 years, that any Balinese you ask will never fail to tell you it's location. The club's name even become more popular than the area where it stands, so that people start calling the street heading to Double Six Club, jalan Arjuna, as jalan Double Six. The surrounding area has also evolved and improved greatly thanks to Double Six. This, of course, open up new business opportunities and in turn provide more jobs for the locals.

But sadly, all these excitement will have to end. After the 2011 New Years's Eve party, Double Six had not put up any events. Apparently, the whole management has been so busy preparing the biggest and greatest party event they will ever have; the Closing Party.

To welcome the old and new Generation of Double Six visitors, the management will hold the event in 3 different venues (Double Six, Syndicate, and Bacio) in total of 7 indoor and outdoor arenas. On September 24, 2011, the event will feature 66 line ups of national and international DJs, spectacular lightings and laser show, with a total capacity of 100.000 people.

With its official letter from the owner in Bali Advertiser, Double Six will end its glory days but will remains in the everyone's heart and history.
It started here, and it will end here.

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