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Pura Dalem Jawa, also known as Pura Dalem Langgar, is located in Bunutin, Bangli. It is a symbol of the harmony of Islam and Hindu disciples. Pura Langgar leaves the impression that Islam and Hindu are bordeless.

The conclusion raised based on many sources, includes the Antara National News Agency. Penglingsir of Pura Langgar, Ida I Dewa Ketut Raka, said that a square-shaped chamber is located in the utama mandala, within the pura. There are also structures with two staircases, four doors, and two-storey roof. These structures expresses syariat and tarekat in Islam. Syariat is the law that organize way of living and and worshipment, while tarekat is a means to get closer to God.

The langgar within the pura is not for Muslim to pray. It is still used by Hindu followers. The name symbolize a unique correlation between Hindu's pura and Islam's langgar. Pura (temple) is where Hindu followers pray, while Muslim pray in a langgar (small mosque).

Pork is Banned

"The harmony proven not only in the form of the buildings, but also in the ceremonies. The sesajen (offerings) or banten must not contain pork, which is common in Hindu but forbidden in Islam, so it is replaced with duck or chicken", he said. Furthermore, Hindu followers in this pura also familiar to animal sacrifices. Unlike Islam's Hari Raya Idul Kurban which the date is always changing each year, the sacrifice in Pura Langgar held around the month of February, known as titimamah using a red calf.

All this time, many Muslim came to this pura. Their forefathers told them that there's a pura that symbolizes the religious harmony. A Madurese guest was told to visit the pura by his 100 years old grandfather.


This pura is a place to enlighten people about the religious harmony which is born naturally. Tolerance is an obligatory in the scope of Indonesian unity. "But here, it was born purely", he said.

What if any Hindus or Muslims are disagree with the existence of this pura? "We do not assume as a burden. We consider it as a blessing because this temple has become a symbol of peace. This is the reality that is undeniable," he explained.

In terms of position, the pura is surrounded by ponds, similar to those in the Pura Taman Ayun, Mengwi, Badung. Buildings, location and what is in this pura all have a solid foundation. Everything is based on an inscription in this pura. With the acquisition of the inscription on the castle Gelgel in 1970, many parties then feel comfortable to continue to preserve it.

Related to Mas Blambangan Legend

Many Muslim come for a pilgrimage to Pura Langgar are not from Bali. "If it not the fasting month, every day can be 10 buses. After the Eid al-Fitr, the crowd back," said Agung Wiadnyana, Pura Langgar's guard.

It is said, when the pilgrimage, many of those who want to pray at the site. They pray in a special building on the left broken. "We provide a place to pray in this temple. It is our tribute to the Muslims who had come all the way from outside Bali. On the temples, we also provide a place for ablution," he said.

Ida I Dewa Oka who wrote history with the title Prince of the Kingdom Bunutin Mas Wilis (Wong Agung Wilis) Bunutin King, telling, not apart from Violating Pura historical ties with the Kingdom Blambangan Bunutin kingdom whose territory was in Banyuwangi regency, East Java. At that time King Bunutin , Ida I Dewa Mas Blambangan, which are still descendants of King Blambangan was ill for about five years.

Mentioned in the book, Mas Blambangan who ascended the throne in 1780 so ill sister, Ida I Dewa Mas Bunutin do meditation. In semadinya, Mas Bunutin received instructions from the ancestors of Blambangan that comes with Muslim dress in order to establish temples in which there is broken.

King Bunutin and families who are putting a high tribute to the direct ancestors to follow the order, although there are some royal families who do not agree. After the temple was built, Mas Blambangan completely healed and has a life of royal descent and became prosperous.

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