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Badung Settled Its Victory on Bali Porprov 2011

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porprov 2011 mascotStarted on September 9th 2011, hosted by Jembrana Regency and held in Negara, the Bali Provincial Sport Week (Pekan Olahraga Provinsi/Porprov) ended yesterday (15/9). Badung maintained the title of General Champion though the expected medal earned is not reached. The Head of KONI Badung, Swandi in Porprov Bali arena in Jembrana on Thursday stated that at first he targeted at least 90 gold medals from his athletes but it is not achieved. Nonetheless, Badung keep its honor and brought home the General Champion title.

By the end of Proprov Bali 2011, Badung only collected 75 Gold, 59 Silver, and 71 Bronze medals. This amount is hopefully increasing, until the competition is closed by Bali Governor, Mangku Pastika. Badung athletes won eminently over its rivals especially in shooting, swimming, pencak silat, and other sport branches. The contingent ensures its victory while its archenemy, Denpasar, who also aims for the first place only grabbed 57 Gold, 60 Silver, and 76 Bronze medals.

In the other hand, Klungkung contingent also failed its target which is at least to be the top 5 in Bali Porprov 2011. Until the closing ceremony, Klungkung must only be pleased with 17 Gold, 23 Silver, and 23 Bronze medals, and sits in rank 7 of 9 total regency.

Meanwhile, the daily chairman of KONI Jembrana, Nyoman Wather, said that he feels contended though his team placed in the third rank, despite the fact that they are the home team. To the moments before the closing ceremony, Jembrana gained 41 Gold, 39 Silver, and 51 Bronze medals. In his opinion, the contingent’s achievements is good enough, to think that Jembrana has just started to train its athletes much later compared to other regencies in Bali. Moreover, Jembrana was in 5th place in 2005 Proprov. “I sent well-trained local athletes, and they have done pretty well,” he said.

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