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INKAI National Championship In Jembrana

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Pengprov INKAI Aceh newly formed in 2011 although the first time following the Nasioanal Karate Championships have been won achievements INKAI but ranks 11th in the medal acquisition of 28 Pengprov who participated in National Championship, and the increase in the rate of one Gashuku Belt Women Athletes on behalf of the Cut Mutia the young school in Sabang VIII SDN successfully passed the Promotion Test Cut Mutia And so I became the youngest athlete in Indonesia in reaching graduation rate increases from Brown Belt to Black Belt.

Keberangakatan Aceh team represented from Sabang Lanal Dojo Dojo Headquarters depart from Sabang Lanal Colonel Dan (Penb) Dodi Hermawan and Chief Executive Pengprov INKAI Major (Kes) dr. Hisnindarsyah, SE, Kes is also board representation Lanal Dojo Lanal assumed in the National Championship event won achievements.

Lanal Sabang and Colonel (Penb) Dodi Hermawan said at the release Athletes, Dojo Dojo INKAI Lanal a long-established in the City of Sabang, and it has taken hold in communities Sabang that sport-based Karate Lanal and developed up to the West Sumatra Simeulue District (if the first district of West Aceh) and the North and East Aceh Langsa.

Karate Development INKAI taken by the officers of the mutations into the POS KAMLA and Sinal, because they were soldiers who had been to his sport, especially martial arts Karate-Do so at the initiative of the soldiers opened a new branch Dojo pekarate recruitment in areas they served.

With the passage of time under the auspices of the sport that has been growing Pengkot Forki particular, the Sports Act 3 of 2005 which regulates the sport both professional and amateur sport so that each can advance with the support of KONI and Dispora, however, that success could be supported if the coach Athletes who train both beginners and continuing to do it with a serious heart iklas and fostering and shaping their services without compensation, for the athlete was asked to produce the best performance so beloved as Sabang City Limits City area terujung in Indonesia can be echoed in the National Championship Arena Jembrana Bali, he said.

Administrator Pengprov INKAI Aceh Mayor (KES) dr. Hisnindarsyah SE, Kes told reporters when met, delivery TIM INKAI ACEH in Bali National Championship event is the first step of the stewardship of the province as well as premier following the National Championship event, and I am very satisfied with the results of the Karate-Do Son Daughter managed to steal the gold medal 1, Silver 1 and Bronze 1 and 8 of the athlete following the successful completion of Gashuku brown belt to black belt (Dan-I).

It is said, obtained the Gold Medal on behalf of students from schools EGGA SMK.NI Sabang after the final round of the Capital City successfully mengkandaskan opponent, the opponent who had previously conquered from East Java, West Java, Central Kalimantan, Medan, Jakarta and Maluku. While Silver and Bronze medalist in the name of Damayanti Cut schoolgirls SMA.N. I Sabang is at the semi-finals managed to conquer one of his athletes from Jakarta Sea Games that entered the final round, and lost the final of western Java, he said.

Hisnin also testified that, Tim INKAI Aceh consisting of Manager Cut Diamond Spd with Didi Sasmita Coach and Athlete and 8 9 People 0rang managed to rise to the level of black belt (Dan-I) is the Cut Mutia VIII Sabang Elementary School, SMAN Cut Damayanti. I Sabang, Anggun Lestari SMAN. I Sabang, Theo Paskha SMKN. I Sabang, Bambang Purnomo SMAN. I Sabang, Heru Sudarmanto SMKN. I Sabang, Advent Kristanto Butar-Butar SMKN. I Sabang and Egga SMKN. I Sabang.

Added, with the medals won 3 and 8 and an Gashuku pass. Cut Mutia be Pekarate Indonesia's youngest black belt (Dan-I) is a pride for the management Pengprov INKAI Aceh the newly formed, all is not independent of the parties as the Bank Aceh Aceh Team Sponsor Ship departure, we had a lot to thank for their cooperation that both the Bank of Aceh as well as to private donors who requested anonymity, added Hisnin.


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