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sail indonesia 2011Dozens of yachts have begun to arrive in the Northern port of Lovina for an annual meet dubbed Lovina Sail Indonesia 2011 set to take place next week. The annual event is meant to promote tourism in the region, and is held by the Buleleng regency government. It is expected that 103 yachts from 23 different countries will be in attendance. “Indeed, there are some who are already at Lovina Beach, even though we planned to officially start next Monday,” said Head of Culture and Tourism Buleleng, Putu Wijaya Tastra.

Sailing isn’t the only activity on the schedule of events. “We will also introduce a variety of North Bali’s arts and culture treats, while there are also several tours to introduce the potential of Buleleng and views besides the beach,” said Tastra Wijaya.

Sail Indonesia activities are scheduled to take place over four days from Monday to Thursday next week. In addition to showcasing arts and culture, it is also expected to generate economic wealth in the surrounding communities.

The number of participants has  increased compared to Sail  Indonesia 2010 when only 15 countries took part, the chairman of Cinta  Bahari Indonesia Foundation (YCBI), Raymond T. Lesmana, said a few days ago. The new areas to be visited is located on the southern route which has been less a promotion, he added. As many as 22 countries  have confirmed their plans to participate in Sail Indonesia 2011 that was officially launched in Jakarta a few days ago.

"There are more participants for Sail Indonesia 2011 than last year. If in 2010 there were only 15 countries, now the number has increased   to 22," he said.According to Raymond, the Sail Indonesia participants were scheduled to depart from Darwin, Australia, on July 23 and expected to arrive in Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara`s provincial capital,  on July 27 to 28.

The participants will be in Kupang for a week before they sail on to Alor, Rote Ndao, Sabu Raijua, Lembata, Ende and Labuan Bajo districts on Flores Island and elsewhere in Indonesia. "We expect the participants will be in East Nusa Tenggara province about a month because there are a number of such new areas to be visited by the participants as Sabu Raijua and Rote Ndao," Raymond said.

He said, the foundation is coordinating with several district  administrations, especially the new area ones that will be stop off to perform a variety of preparations. In addition, Sail Indonesia 2011 which will make Kupang as the entrance to the other regions in Indonesia will focus on areas that have not yet been visited.

The regions are Ndao Rote, Sabu Raijua to Sumba island which have been less had the opportunity to stop off by the Sail Indonesia participants."In previous years, the transit route is always monotonous namely the northbound lane through the East Flores to West Flores. Now we are trying to open new destinations," Raymond noted.


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